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Written by Russian folklore author Sholem Aleichem, a traditional tale that was also developed for the stage as the musical ‘Fiddler on the Roof’’.  

Originally conceived as a dramatic tragic-comedy, Tevye is the tale of a poor Jewish man and his family of seven daughters who lived in a small Ukrainian village during the late 19th century. This was a time of poverty, hardship and a reign of persecution known as the ‘Pogroms’.

Tevye is a simple man, warm and kind hearted whose faith is constantly tested by life and so he often turns to God for advice and to complain. One day in repayment for a good deed his family’s life is transformed by the gift of a cow and he becomes “Tevye the Milkman”.

Wonderfully portrayed by Samuel Rodenski who had created the character for the original stage production. The actor who later became famous for this role was Topol, Rodenski’s understudy! His performance is timeless, often emotional, filled with wisdom and humour. The film also features actor Peter Van Eyck as the local Christian priest.

Filmed on 32mm in Israel & Tunisia and mixed in 5.1, with an orchestral music score by acclaimed Hollywood composer Dov Seltzer. A new version of Tevye is currently being prepared for digital distribution.

The Missing Link

A French-Belgian co-production, “The Missing Link” is a feature length cartoon conceived and directed by the highly acclaimed cartoonist PICHA. It portrays his unique style of drawing combined with his sense of satirical humour.

The story is about the genesis of man. The missing link is the tie between man and beast, the inventor of the skills used by the human race to dominate the World. Far from being the favourite in the race of evolution, man was a bit of a loser and an unlikely contender to win but then along came OH…

From the director of “Shame of the Jungle” (the alternative Tarzan story), “The Missing Link” is an explosive mixture of imagination, humour and burlesque. When originally released, the French & German versions won many accolades, including best cartoon.

The film features a music score and songs composed by Roy Budd, Leo Sayer and Paul Fishman with the voices of Christopher Guest, Clark Warren, Ron Venable, Bob Kaliban and Mark Smith.


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