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"every good idea has its time"

JHP is an established, independent UK production company that produces literature, music and develops projects within other areas of digital media and the arts. ​

Our diverse and eclectic catalogue features bestsellers, acclaimed biographies and popular culture, it also has well known songs and music from soundtracks.

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Jack Fishman (1921 - 1997)

Formed in 1948 by author and songwriter Jack Fishman the company was previously known as John Hill Productions.

Jack Fishman's career began as a journalist reporting the UK's politics and during WW2 had gained the respect and confidence of Sir Winston Churchill. He was later promoted and became editor of the national newspaper The Empire News, writing about post war Britain and the Cold War. Jack was involved in the exposure of notorious spy Kim Philby.

His first book published in 1955, "The Seven Men of Spandau" was an in depth profile

of the war criminals. This was followed by "The Private Life of Josep Stalin". ​In the early 60’s Jack left journalism to write his most succesful book, “My Darling Clementine”, the biography of Lady Clementine Churchill which became an international bestseller. Other biographies include Humphrey Bogart and James Bond's creator Ian Fleming. He co wrote the number one fiction best seller KG200 and through JHP produced publications of popular culture and childrens books.

​Jack, also had a separate career as a songwriter and was the first UK composer to receive an Ivor Novello Award. During the Sixties he wrote international hits for artists such as Petula Clark, Tom Jones, Hermans Hermits, Amen Corner and composed and  produced music for soundtracks including "Get Carter". ​During the 80's Jack became the music supervisor & director for Cannon Films.

Jambo Music Ltd.

Publishing & Record Company


Formed during the early 1970's.

The catalogue features top composers, well known songs, collaborations with International artists and classic film scores including those by Roy Budd. Jambo also administer the music catalogue for Cannon/MGM Films.

Jambo publishes various projects by electronic musician and composer Paul Fishman, these include albums with 80's group Re-Flex, Boom Boom, Ltd Noise, music written and produced with David Harris and film work.   

The catalogue features "It's About Time" and recent the Art Official Intelligence album of songs released in 2021.

We promote works within new recordings, synchronization licenses for TV, advertising and sampling and now digitally distribute through our label Jambo Records.


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