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Released 1976 - Warner Bros Records

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Released May 2024 - Jambo Records


UK musicians Absolute Elsewhere were signed to Warner Brother Records in 1976 by MD Derek Taylor, former Beatles publicist and manager of Apple Records.

The first album, “In Search of Ancient Gods” was entirely instrumental, written and conceived by Paul Fishman, recorded with Jon Astrop, Phil Saatchi and featured Bill Bruford on drums. Musically they combined progressive rock with electronic music and since release it has gained a cult following.


The follow up album “Playground”, conceived by Astrop, Fishman & Saatchi, was planned and recorded with Andrew McCulloch on drums, who like Bruford had been a member of King Crimson.

The album was intended to be very different to the previous one in that it featured songs, big soaring melodies and complex arrangements, allowing the group to explore their abilities as multi-instrumentalists and the recording studio.

When recording was completed, coincided with the arrival of punk which resulted in record companies not being interested in music that wasn’t. For many years the album remained in the studio vaults until 2024, when it was discovered compiled & mastered for release.

Management -
Publishing: Jambo Music Ltd


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